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    สล็อตออนไลน์ ฟรีเครดิต ตู้บุญเติม

    Brighton Photo Biennial

    28 September - 28 October 2018

    Brighton Photo Biennial


    Brighton Photo Biennial returns 28 September - 28 October 2018 with a month of free photography exhibitions and events for professionals, enthusiasts, students and families alike. The theme for its eighth edition is A New Europe and the festival will be curated by the newly appointed Photoworks Director, Shoair Mavlian.

    The United Kingdom’s status in the European Union may be changing, however, geographically Britain will remain part of Europe, with a shared history and intertwined future. At this transitional point, we will use photography to examine our current state of flux, reflecting on our relationship with Europe and the geographies of the United Kingdom. A New Europe will cast a wide net to examine the current instability looking at the ongoing refugee crisis as well as photography’s role in the construction of national identity.

    The theme will also allow us to look back at Photoworks' own beginnings as the Cross Channel Photographic Mission, a collaborative photographic partnership which took place during the construction of the channel tunnel. The Biennial will present work from national and international practitioners and we're looking forward to collaborating with local and international partners to share exceptional photography with a wide audience.

    Previous editions have been curated by Martin Parr (New Documents, 2010), Julian Stallabrass (Memory of Fire, 2008), Gilane Tawadros (2006), and Jeremy Millar (2003). Since 2012 Brighton Photo Biennial has been curated by Photoworks.

    Photoworks is a national development agency for photography. We curate the Brighton Photo Biennial and our photography and visual culture journal Photoworks Annual. We support talent through the national Jerwood/Photoworks Awards and our wider programme includes commissions, new writing, learning and engagement projects. Our aim is to connect outstanding artists with audiences and to champion talent and ambition. Photoworks is a charitable organisation based at the University of Brighton, UK and is a National Portfolio Organisation supported by Arts Council England.